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Orthoses and Elastic Products

BioreVic manufactures all types of elastic orthotic products, mainly cervical collars, slings and braces.

An orthosis is an externally applied device used to influence the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. Depending on their function, they may be classified as stabilising, functional, corrective and protective.


Orthopaedic cervical collars are designed to keep the head gently but firmly in its correct position, at the same time that they gently grip the neck and back. Cervical collars are among the most highly demanded orthopaedic products


Anyone who has ever used a sling probably knows how uncomfortable it can be to wear them. They can be uncomfortable and awkward, especially after some time. A good option is to choose a sling with a different design


Static shoulder braces are available in different sizes and types; they provide support to the shoulder joint and immobilise it from a specific angle. They are used in rehabilitation therapy after a shoulder injury.

Some of our orthotic and elastic products

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, we manufacture products with either the Biorevic brand or the client’s brand, as demanded.

Once the order is placed, BioreVic has a written undertaking with the client to make the delivery accordingly and on time, thus ensuring mutual commitment by both parties.

It’s quite simple. We ask the client what they need and we explore how to give them the best service and delivery times possible. Once all the requirements are finalized, and we receive the client’s go-ahead, we proceed to manufacture the products

It depends on the product volume and type to be manufactured, but generally, it takes a maximum of one month to be ready

Because our client’s needs are our priority and we provide personalised and committed customer service.

BioreVic Sumisalud SA is a company registered with the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, thus it complies with all current, necessary and compulsory requirements. All our products are certified by them and bear their quality stamps.

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BioreVic helped us create a product that is unique in the market

“For us, BioreVic was a leap in quality as it allowed us to tailor-make a product that is unique in the market. They made it a reality”.
Antonio Pérez Corvera
BioPharmed Ibérica

It’s a pleasure to have domestic providers like BioreVic

“They’ve given us a series of high-quality Brand Spain products, at very good prices and always according to our specifications and regulations.
Dioni Nespral

With BioreVic, new business ventures are always something to look forward to

“We’ve known each other for a long time. You know they’re going to be there, they’ll respond and deliver accordingly and on time. Highly recommended”.
Juan Carlos Calle

BioreVic products are among the bestselling products in our catalog.

“If there are new market trends, they come up with prototypes and once we put them up for sale, they’re highly in demand. BioreVic is a sign of sure success for us”.
Jaime González

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